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- .Euphoria. -

Just give me what I came for and I'm out the door again

Tool/ NIN icons.... and more
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- .Euphoria. -

If you are going to take some icons featured on here, please give credit to who ever makes the icons in your info or keywords…

What This Community Accepts
-tour dates
-band announcements (news)
-information on new coming bands/local bands

What This Community Dosent Accept
- trash talking
- rock star sexual worshipping *some is funny and okay, but sometimes it can be annoying*
- stupid rants
- pretty much what ever dosent get accepted from the mods

- Please do not directly link any of the icons while adding them, please save them on your computer and upload them….
- THIS COMMUNITY WILL NOT ALLOW ANY ICONS THAT MIGHT GET US IN TROUBLE... that includs any nudity (for the safter of our members under 18..)
- We will not accept any sort racsism... if you have a problem with this, grow up...
- No bashing of the bands anyone has made icons for. Have some consideration- you will be warned... and if it continues, banned...
- No trash talking... you will be warned, then banned...
- If you want to premote another community, please do so... but dont over kill this community with them.
- If you want to make banners to help us make this community bigger please do so...

i really dont care what icons you make and post here as long as they are safe for young members under the age of 18... and i will not accept any icons of pop acts on this community...

Enjoy the icons =D

chokingeuphoria ||

i will also be looking for co-mods... interstead? then e-mail me... ssleepingbeauty@gmail.com... i will take the first 3 who E-MAIL ME... i wont accept anyone after 3 request... i just need some people to help out, and expand to make this community bigger! if any one wants to make banners and spred the word i will give you thanks in the community info for making a banner...